Naming and renaming objects in 3D max

Every object in the scene can have both a name and a color assigned to it. Each object is given a default name and random color when first created. The default name is the type of object followed by a number. For example, when you create a sphere object, Max labels it

“Sphere01.” These default names aren’t very exciting and can be confusing if you have many objects. You can change the object’s name at any time by modifying the Name field in the Name and Color rollout of the Command Panel.

Names and colors are useful for locating and selecting objects, as you find out in Chapter 7, “Selecting Objects, Setting Object Properties, and Using Layers.”

The ToolsRename menu command opens a dialog box that lets you change the object name of several objects at once. The Rename Objects dialog box, shown in Figure 6-3, lets you set the Base Name along with a Prefix, a Suffix, or a number. These new names can be applied to the selected objects or to the specific objects that you pick from the Select Objects dialog box.

naming-and-reaming-objects-in 3d-max

Figure 6-3: The Rename Objects dialog box can rename several objects at once.

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