Tutorial: Creating a four-footed biped in 3D max

Biped means a two-footed structure, so creating a four-footed biped is actually an oxymoron. This tutorial should really be called “Creating a biped that is hunched over so its hands are touching the ground,” but that would be too long.

To create a four-footed biped, follow these steps:

1. Select the Create➪Systems➪Biped menu command, and drag in the viewport to cre- ate a biped. 2. In the Create Biped rollout, set the number of Neck Links to

2, the number of Tail Links to 5, and the Ponytail1 and Ponytail2 Links to 1.

3. Open the Motion panel, and click the Figure Mode button in the Biped rollout to enter Figure Mode.

4. In the Bend Links rollout, click the Bend Links Mode button.

5. Select and rotate the lowest spine bone so the upper torso leans forward.

6. Select one of the thigh bones, and click the Symmetrical button in the Track Selection roll- out to select both thigh bones. Then rotate the thighs to come forward toward the head. The lower legs will follow.

7. Select one of the lower leg bones, and click the Symmetrical button in the Track Selection rollout. Then rotate the lower leg bones backward until the feet are in the same vertical position as the hands.

8. Select one of the ponytail links, and move and rotate it to the position of an ear. Then repeat for the other ponytail link. Make sure that the green ponytail link is on the left side, and the blue one is on the right.

9. With the Bend Links Mode button selected in the Biped rollout, select and rotate the top tail link away from the body.

10. Open the Copy/Paste rollout, click the Create Collection button and select the Pose but ton. Then click the Copy Pose button to add the pose to the list. Then click the Save Collection button, and save the file as Cat pose.cpy.

Figure 36-8 shows the resulting cat pose.

3d max-14

Figure 36-8: This cat pose was created by manipulating the biped bones.

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