Using Sketch Text Solidworks

Sketch text uses TrueType fonts to create text inside a SolidWorks sketch. This means that any TrueType font that you have can be converted to text in solid geometry; this includes Wingdings and symbol fonts. Keep in mind that some characters in certain fonts do not convert cleanly into SolidWorks sketches. Sketch text still has to follow the rules for sketching and creating features such as closed contours, as well as not mixing open and closed contours.

You can make sketch text follow a sketch curve; to space it evenly along the curve, you can control character width and spacing, as well as overall size, by specifying points or actual dimensions. Sketch text can also be justified right, left, centered, and evenly, as well as reversed, rotated, and flipped upside down. Figure 6.12 shows the Sketch Text PropertyManager and some examples of sketch text options.

Using Sketch Text

Figure 6.12

The icons in the Sketch Text PropertyManager are self-explanatory, other than the Rotated Text option, which rotates individual letters, and not the whole string of text.

You can use the Sketch Text tool multiple times in a single sketch to make pieces of text with different properties. Each string of text has a placement point located at the lower left of the text. This point can be given sketch relations or dimensions to locate the text.

If the text overlaps in places, as shown in Figure 6.12, you can correct this in a couple of ways. First, you can extrude it with the Merge option unselected so that each letter is created as a separate solid body. You can also explode sketch text so that it becomes simply lines and arcs in a sketch, which you can edit the same as any other sketch. You can also adjust the Width Factor and Spacing settings.

Starting in the 2010 version of SolidWorks, you can link the text to a custom property. This means that sketch text can be changed with configurations. Configurations are covered in a later chapter. The text used to extrude a feature can come from Custom Properties, which can be driven by a design table or directly through the Sketch Text PropertyManager.

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