Using the Color Clipboard in 3D max

The object color is one of the first places where colors are encountered, but it certainly won’t be the last. If you find a specific color that you like and want to use elsewhere, you can use the Color Clipboard utility to carry colors to other interfaces. You can access this utility using the Tools➪Color Clipboard menu command, which opens the Utilities panel, as shown in Figure 6-6.


Figure 6-6: The Color Clipboard utility offers a way to transport colors.

When selected, the Color Clipboard appears as a rollout in the Utilities panel and includes four color swatches. These color swatches can be dragged to other interfaces like the Material Editor. Clicking on any of these swatches launches the Color Selector. The New Floater button opens a floatable Color Clipboard that holds 12 colors, shown in Figure 6-7. Using this clipboard, you can open and save color configurations. The files are saved as Color Clipboard files with the .ccb extension.

using-the-color-clipboard-in-3D-max 1

Figure 6-7: The Color Clipboard floating palette can hold 12 colors.

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